Recipient Gratitude

"I want to say thank you for such a big financial help you provided for me last year! It was a very difficult year for me and because of war in my country I spent some money helping my family and friends in Ukraine, but unfortunately was not able to earn enough during summer vacation to become financially confident. I paid my tuition today and at this moment do not have enough to buy books. I am going to wait my next paycheck from job but still If you have a chance, I am asking you about this help again in purchasing my nursing textbook."

"The nursing program requires many materials to study, after paying tuition. The cost of books is a factor that defers many students from the program. As expensive as they are, nursing books are necessary because of the many details ... it is impossible to cover everything in lecture alone. One of our main quizzes is from this book ... it is helpful that I received this book from this program because I am already stretched thin from my tuition and the books I've already bought. Thank you so much!"

"We are in the second week of classes and I cannot afford my last book. Mass. Rehab pays for my classes, but they are not covering my textbooks this semester. I am very grateful for all of your help."

"The reason why I need help with textbooks is because my dad is the only person working in my family. Of the four classes I have, he told me only one class can be paid for ... l went to the TAP program and they provided me with my English textbook and I am very thankful. I need help because I cannot afford my last textbook [for my psychology class]."

"I just moved from California to Boston and because I used all of my money to pay rent, tuition and health insurance, I do not have enough money to pay for another book. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!"

"I am taking a math class. Midterms are approaching and my professor mentioned that we need a scientific calculator and are not permitted use of our cell phones. I do not want a bad grade, so I need to practice on the calculator. Unfortunately my financial aid closed for the semester and I do not have the money to afford the calculator ... ! am so thankful for [your] assistance. Thank you."

"I really need this book to study ... the book is expensive and I don't have that much money. I appreciate the financial aid and I promise to get an A in this class!"

"I am requesting the Anatomy & Physiology lab manual, because I'm taking my pre-requisites to enroll in the nursing program and this class is vital to starting my nursing associate's [degree]. This book will help me to succeed in my career and I didn't have the money to buy it since my financial status is not the best. I appreciate your help. Thanks!"

"I am an honor student at BHCC, graduating in spring 2017. Unfortunately, my financial situation is tough right now, as I have only one part time job, but have to commute to Boston, which costs extra money. I would really appreciate help with the book so I can graduate school with honors."

"Words can't begin to explain how grateful I am for being able to receive such a massive
help... As a cashier at Burger King, living with a single mother, $300+ for a textbook is a great amount of money to be dealing with. Obtaining this textbook will help me study in my EMT class which I hope will help me later to become an EMT and improve my life... obtaining the knowledge that is needed to be able to handle any tight situation is essential for saving a life."

"Education is the key to success... being given the reading book will make a huge difference in my will allow me to excel in my class as well as build my grade point average. I plan to change the world by becoming a doctor, and the gift of this book will allow me take one step further toward my ultimate goal."

"I want you to know how much I appreciate your generous book. I would have dropped my class if I couldn't get that book. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue my studies. Thank you, again, for your compassionate support."

"To be given the opportunity to use this book will change my life in such a way that I will obtain good grades, which will allow me to build my GPA ... [this] will give me the chance to become a better student and [be given] more opportunities for scholarships."

"It is important to me to have this book because it will allow me to do finish my labs... and transfer to a higher level of education."

"I am from Ethiopia. My income is very low and I could not afford to buy the book. My academic status is excellent. Last semester I got all A's in my four classes, so I will continue the same way this semester, as well. Thank you very much for your help."
"I am from Morocco. I only have one job, and this helped me get my books. Thank you."

"I am trying to build a better future...but I needed your help with the books so that I can finish my program and look for a job."